I spend the vast majority of my time aspiring to write something entertaining, to be a relatively good artist, to be a successful parent, or learn something new.

If I’m completely honest, it has been a while since the aspiring writer in my head has been paraded about in front of any audience.  There are a few reasons and excuses for this: time constraints, family obligations, and a lack of willingness to read any more rejection notices.

So, here they are, my writing accomplishments to date. I sincerely hope to add more as time passes.

Top Five Winner of the Xtranormal Totally Trekkie SciFi Movie Contest

The video:

Redshirt Angst

Twitter Lit (Hey, it may be just 140 characters, but it’s at least something.)


One Forty Fiction 

One Forty Fiction — Dr. Seuss Week

Short, Fast, and Deadly

Trapeze Magazine

And an honorable mention from the Allegory Zine editor in 2011.


3 thoughts on “Writing

  1. Hey there, CM! I can’t wait to read your book review and such, but the breaking news on the Penn State child rape scandal has had me very busy with sports radio shows wanting repeat interviews with me now that Paterno and company were found to be covering up for 14 years.

    I will be busy for the next few days doing those radio interviews ,some of the calling them “vindication interviews” for me since back then some of them hassled me about my strong stand on the situation.

    I didn’t want to seem like I was rudely ignoring your stuff so please give me a few days fielding radio stuff, phone calls and emails from other sports outlets before you decide I’m a rude jerk.

    Take care!

    • Nope…No worries. I’ve been out all day and I am still trying to articulate my feelings about this book in the kindest way possible. I will say I find little humor in Megan McCain s behavior and much of the book makes me sad for humanity overall. Silly I guess.

      Good luck to you…by the way.

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