Sometimes, I think my husband is convinced that my mind has gone. The lumpy grey mass between my ears has simply run away to places unknown leaving nary a clue where it was headed and took only cash to avoid being traced by credit card transactions.

I planned to post this post last Tuesday and, then, this Tuesday.

Time, however, started running through my hands like money through the pockets of a Vegas gambler and into a void never to be seen again.

Time and my mind must have eloped. I guess that is what I’m saying. They are honeymooning on some bright shore as we speak.

But, it’s been a productive thing, really. Even if I am crazy and have no sense of proportion when it comes to scheduling, we’ve had a lot of fun along the way.

On  April 27th, my sons and I completed a 7’x7′ chalk mural for a local high school’s first ever chalk festival as featured artists. The parents at Paradise Honors High School, and the kids, were wonderful. Two students even stood over us with umbrellas as temperatures climbed into the nineties. My younger kids enjoyed the face-painting, music and fencing demonstrations, as well. (High school, with fencing–this, I like.)

The result of those efforts:




After 7 hours on the pavement creating the bee on Saturday, the boys competed in the local kid’s triathlon the next day. (A 200 yard swim, 6 mile bike, and 1 mile run for my 13 year old and a 100 yard swim, 3 mile bike and 1/2 mile run for my younger son.)

The boys trained for a couple of months for this moment. Although they didn’t come in with a top 3 time, they finished well above last in their respective age categories. And, let’s be honest, even at 9, I don’t think I could have completed a triathlon, myself. So, we are very proud of  both boys for their spirit.


Waiting for big brother at the triathlon pool.

The weekend ended with everyone on the couch groaning and thankful for the invention of Advil.

Last weekend, the weekend of May the 4th Be with You, we completed another mural, this time 5’x8′ for Pop Culture Paradise‘s Free Comic Book Day and May the 4th Be with You bash.

If you are in Tempe, near Arizona State University, and love comic books, I highly recommend dropping by Pop Culture Paradise. The owner and is family are awesome people. The AZ Tardis people were out in force, as well. No TARDIS replica, this time, but the 4th and 11th Doctor stopped by to say hello. I’m not sure who was riding the TARDIS-themed motorcycle, and I wish I’d gotten a good picture of it, but that was pretty amazing.

Another 7 hours produced the following:


Sunday, I took my middle kids up the hill to drop off artwork for a local art exhibition in Sedona at the library. The name of the event is GUNS/Children  Art Exhibition and has been created by the lovely artists community over at ImagiVenture to open a door, by way of art, for the discussion of children and guns in the world today.  You can find out more about the project at this link.

I will be there for opening night, tomorrow, and look forward to seeing what kind of imagery and performance art a topic like Children/GUNS generates. And I plan to post pictures along with further commentary sometime next week.

In the meantime, we had an interesting adventure north, and this gave us an excuse to stop by Tlaquepaque for some merry wandering , gallery browsing, and picture taking.




That, my dear bloggy friends, is our last two weeks in a nutshell.

I will leave you to be the judge as to weather my husband’s assessment of my sanity is correct.

But, I will warn you, I did see a knight in shining armor go galloping through the Palo Verde tree farm by the power plant yesterday. He rode a white horse and was accompanied by what appeared to be a dwarf (possibly a hobbit, I’m not good at identifying things at a distance) and at least one fair maiden.

Three of my children saw this, as well, which makes me think it’s not so much my mind as it is the world that’s a little odd. Then again, they might have been trying to humor me. My oldest just shook his head and wondered aloud, with me, why I’m always the one who sees these things.

At least it’s a fun and artsy kind of crazy.