Cue the Lightning Bolt

Like Frankenstien or Frankenweenie, I’m not sure which, I’m zapping some life back into this blog.

Of course, I see the messages in my inbox, regularly, from WordPress.  You know the ones?

Those tips to help me be successful at blogging are always popping in there along with the other mailing lists I signed up for during one of those moments when a person completely forgets how many hours are in a day or how many newsletters one can reasonably expect to read in those hours.

Be regular as clockwork. Be consistent.

That’s certainly a good goal to have in mind, I have to admit. And somewhere between the move and the return to homeschooling for my kids and schooling for myself and the new job and volunteering, the mark was missed, the ball was dropped…

In an attempt to redeem this poor, battered and abused web log, please accept my humble apologies for the dust as I remodel things a bit.

In the meantime, here are a few photographs of our recent activities… (hey, it’s better than a test pattern, right?)

One of my guys moving a mouse with his brain and the other fixing the psychology department’s printer.



Bicycling in the air.


Dorian’s lightbox artwork for the city. The brown paper wrapping is the size it will be in the bus shelters.



Our effort to promote the local comicon at Geeks Night Out.


Suspenders. Suspenders are cool.


The boys’ art contributions to the Charitable table at the Vision Gallery


I’m not sure what this is about.


I sometimes bury my daughter in leaves. But only sometimes… when the weather permits.


Big sister. Don’t leave home without one.


6 thoughts on “Cue the Lightning Bolt

    • Yeah, I thought it was pretty amazing, too. They were having the kids think of “something active” to move the mouse up and something quiet to move the mouse down. I’ve heard of a similar technique being used for comatose patients who are “locked in”–unable to move but still possessing a certain level of awareness. It’s pretty wild to see it in action.

    • The picture on your blog looks very similar to the one on the box the researchers had–at the risk of sounding completely ignorant. 😉 It seemed to be functioning as a very portable, wireless EEG. I’ve never seen anything quite like that headgear outside of scifi, so I was impressed.

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